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We-The Team ( Who we are)

First Detective Agency is India’s leading private detective agency handling investigation as per the requirements and needs of the clients. It aims to uncover facts and provide solutions to clients concern. With a team of extremely efficient and highly professional detectives and IT experts, the First detective Agency strives to handover quality results. We do not conduct open investigations like the government Agencies. Our detective agency knows to maintain the confidentiality of the cases providing an authentic report to the clients. We undertake all kinds of cases which includes corporate Inquiry, Personal inquiry, Fraud Inquiry, Loyalty Inquiry, Surveillance investigation or the matrimonial Inquiry and others.

Professional Services
First Detective Agency has incomparable professionalism with the expertise of the experiences and efficient investigators along with the proficiency of the IT experts. We only present verified and authentic reports to our clients.
Privacy Assurance
The agency takes the responsibility for the privacy of the clients. The reports are only accessible to the chief of the case and it is not disclosed with anyone and hence it is purely confidential.
Our Network
We are a Pan India Company and we take cases from all the states of India. We have clients mostly from the metro cities.
Prompt Result
You should choose us because we deliver prompt results for any cases we work for. We always look forward to see our client’s satisfaction.

Our Services

Personal investigation

Personal investigation The First detective Agency hires private detectives which are highly trained and licensed professional for the personal investigation. The work or the report of the investigation

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Matrimonial investigation

Matrimonial investigation Marriage is a beautiful bond and a lifetime decision which can never be overlooked. So it is very important for both the sides to know the reality or the background of the family

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Corporate investigation

Corporate investigation There are several big companies in the metro cities and employees as well. It is a big loss for the companies if they hire wrong employees. There are employees who are efficient in their

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Fraud investigation

Fraud investigation Financial fraud Investigation: With the advancement of technology and other modern hues, mankind has become greedy. This is now very common every now and then that people

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Working Agenda (How do we operate?)

With the daily hustle of emerging corporates, business groups, industries in the market, the engagement in the policy violation, extortion, counterfeiting corruption, has increased. Our team is a private detective agency in Delhi as well as in the other parts of India which offers help in digging out the truth and reality of a subject. Our team is efficiently working for many big MNCs private corporate investigation. We resolve the queries of an organisation both externally and internally. When you choose us we give you the assurance of saving your organisation from losses. Hooking up with us will give you a secure and a safe place to be.

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