Private Detective Agency Delhi in India and Best Matrimonial Detectives

First Detective Agency offers the top class private detective services in Delhi and 14 other states in India. We have our reach globally and our experience has made us the most reputed private detective agency in India.

We are a certified ISO 2008-9001 certified organization for personal and corporate private investigation.

Working in this field we have never taken any work casually. To us, our work is our religion and that makes us work for last two decades. We always try to take out new and innovative means of investigation. For every case be it simple or complex we assign the best investigators, counsellor, and IT experts for fruitful results.

We take different cases as we have expertise in each and every field. We deal with personal cases and corporate cases mainly. There are several subcategories under these options. The personal investigation has the matrimonial investigation, loyalty check investigation, child custody, domestic violence etc. Corporate cases include the employee investigation, business property, labour disputes and others. Court cases in all the states are handled delicately. We understand the sensitive part of a court case hence handled with care.

To us the most needed part of an organisation is manpower and we have a big force. We are proud of the officers that work for us. We have the best on the team and we also have the best gadgets with us.

In terms of confidentiality, our cases matters are managed by the specific chief of the case. We do not keep any pieces of evidence with us after the case is solved. We maintain a high privacy policy.

What we investigate ?