Pre-Matrimonial And Post Matrimonial Detective Agency

Why Choose First Detective Agency For Matrimonial Investigation?

Leading Pre-Matrimonial And Post Matrimonial Detective Agency

Marriage is considered a strong bond that should be pure. It is important to have the right information about the person you are getting married to. First Indian detective agency being the leading matrimonial detective agency in Delhi will clear all your doubts about marriages and will provide you a clear picture on the background details of your future partner. FDA makes sure that the information provided is purely authentic and verified. FDA agents ensure their client that the investigation is 100% confidential and there will be no leaked records or facts and hence they do not inquire with friends and close relatives as they often disclose the information to the subject. They have a team of extremely effectual investigators, detectives, IT experts that strive to handover quality results about the loyalty of your partner. FDA agents keep the investigation case confidential and do not conduct open investigations like government agencies. Being the best detective agency in Delhi, our foremost aim is to provide a valid and convincing report to the clients.

Why choose First Detective Agency –

  • Matrimonial background check – family, relations, status, financial reputation
  • Any love affair (present or past)
  • Any divorce cases
  • Any previous marriage
  • Bad habits like drug, alcohol
  • Temperament
  • Job or business profile


Being a leading pre-matrimonial and post matrimonial detective agency, we give you peace of mind for the further proceeding of marriage or get ready to tie a knot. Our investigation lets you take the right decision of marriage and saves your precious life from getting into a worse married life experience. This is necessary that you will know each and everything related to that person to avoid any of the future problems. We offer professional service that helps in getting the detail information about that person in the form of Pre-matrimonial investigation. The information should completely be kept secret.

Process for Verifications

We have set a work standard to provide you with accurate and honest information. We collect your future partner basic details from you and then start the investigation. Our investigators are an expert in collecting evidence that can prove his/her honesty or dishonesty, habits, affair or any information that you want to get.

Issues we cover in the Pre-Matrimonial Investigation are as follows-

  • Family background
  • Financial status
  • Employment/business details
  • Concealed previous marriage/divorce
  • Criminal Activity

FDA investigators conduct a thorough marital status investigation thereby checking if your partner is already married or was married in the past. First Indian detective agency prime motive is to make sure that you do not end up in a wrong and deceptive marriage where you are struggling financially because your partner swindles you by boasting about their high financial status at the time of marriage. They also evaluate your partners’ income, residence ownership; vehicles owned etc. and confirm if there is any loan or mortgage on the subject. The agents of First Indian detective agency investigate your partner’s medical reports and medical appointments to uncover whether your partner is suffering from any severe health issues.

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