Common Cheating Traits

Stay Alert- Your Spouse could be cheating on you.

Marriage is a life time bond and it is only successful when you find a right person. When after some years of your marriage you find your spouse to be engaged in other relationships or having affair, it becomes a challenging fact for you. It can be a nightmare for the loyal partner. The most troublesome phase of the relationship is when you find a gap in the bond but unable to figure out the reason behind it. Everything seems to be faded in a relationship when someone cheats on you. The promises made together, the memories collected together seem to have no value and you come back to the place you have started. It is then all up to the loyal partner whether to be with the person or leave.

But when is that when you start feeling the difference. The unobvious behaviour, less attentive, sexually inactive attitude might be some of the changes you observe while there are numerous of them.

When your partner seems to avoid intimacy with you. However it depends on the mood. But if it continues to be the same, there is something fishy

When your partner do not get jealous of your bondings with other people.

When it comes to activities around the house, and your partner never shows  any interest like the way he does before can be a sign too.

When you have a conversation on cheating on someone, if he starts defencing on the cheating, there is chance of he cheating on you.

Your partner when all of a sudden starts spending more time in the office and do no it show any interest in the home.

When he or she starts having sudden interest on his/her appearance can be the start to a new affair of your spouse.

Your partner starts avoiding you or gets involved in fights with you for petty reasons.

Lastly, to be mentioned is when he starts to be secretive. He hides messages, deletes history, or suddenly keeps password in the cell phone and hesitates to open the phone in front of you.

If you start feeling the same in your relationship. It is time to confront. But never without good evidences or reasons. A cheating partner will have the best excuses of dodging your questions and facts. You may need private detective agency which deals in matrimonial investigations. Private detective agencies keeps the case confidential and brings the best footage or reports  by which you can get through all your doubts

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