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Best Detectives Operating Undercover in Ghaziabad

The City from the National Capital Region which plays a very vital role is Ghaziabad. The City is prominent and is known to everyone because it is the door to the city Uttar Pradesh. And due to geographical closeness with the capital of India, it is one of the busiest city in India. As per the crime rate report generated by the government of India, this city has the huge rise in Level of criminal matters in the past 3 years.

Matters of burglary, robbery, stolen cars, corruption, bribery, attacks, and theft have become quite common in the city. There are also matters reported of physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin or religion. Hence, there is an alarming rise insecurity issue in the city. At that point of time, you need the most efficient team or private investigation agency in Ghaziabad, which never fail to solve any personal or corporate issues with their expertise.

The First Indian Detective Agency is a full-service detective agency operating in Ghaziabad. We offer private investigation services to individuals, corporates and organizations over an extensive range of espionage and surveillance actions. The complete report of investigation and the designation of the customers are kept firmly private and unnoticeable in any condition.

Full Suite of Personal Investigation Services –

First Detective Agency protects your personal matter and the investigation services religiously. We believe the work and the matters that come to us are to be kept discreet, no matter what. Our investigation services include a wide variety of conducts that support individuals, corporates and organizations in finding suitable solutions.

We are the pioneers in the investigation services such as the criminal cases, forensic cases, bank, insurance claims, matrimonial verifications, Polygraphs test and services, lie detection test services and more. Our top-rated private investigation services include –

  • Matrimonial investigation
  • Divorce case support
  • Extra affairs/adultery
  • Missing person investigation
  • Pre / post-Employment Verification
  • Trademark infringement
  • Competitors investigation services
  • Industrial espionage
  • Information on assets & finance
  • Financial fraud
  • Cybercrime investigation services
  • Surveillance investigation services
Vast Network of Detective Agents –

The First Indian Detective Agency has a sturdy network of specialized and responsible private investigators. Most of these detectives are the previous members of the law enforcement segment. Our extensive network of offices spread in India – in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Goa, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Gujarat, West Bengal, Rajasthan, and Chandigarh.

We are dedicated to bringing effectual services and exceptional supervision, our investigators own fundamentals potentials such as resourcefulness, ability to make rapid choices and integrity. Working flawlessly, these professionals deliver inputs that are reliable and timely as well as private. The team is well-resourced with the most contemporary surveillance equipment to carry out the whole investigation efficiently.

The decade-long journey in private investigation and the corporate investigation has produced positive outcomes. Every investigation is grounded in facts and suggestion. While we proceed with the investigation, we take into interpretation every minute aspect. This ensures sure positive outcomes and guaranteed results. All legal features are kept in attention while following the clear investigative outline.

Complete Confidentiality & 100% anonymity Guaranteed –

The success of the investigation is straightforwardly proportionate to the particulars you make available for us. We collect all the essential data, necessary information to proceed with the case. Our analysis process is customized to gather all data about the client as well as the subject in agreement with the investigation.

Particular of them include – Physical / other description, photo/identity of the subject, home/work addresses, vehicle information, time/place to start, & most prominently the aim or intention behind the investigation. The objective of the individual conveying the case matters the most.

The investigation processes followed by the FIDA are fully impervious and approaches are retained private to the core. To attain this we at FIDA trail stern code of performs which never permits even the field investigators know about the processes they manage. When we allocate a field investigator we promise that he delivers his assignment without losing any significant fact or figure tangible to the client.

All the detailed statistics are kept private. Only the allocated chief of that specific case can solve the protected file by definite codes. We also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with all our customers who need any investigation done. Sideways suitable terms and conditions in the abode which evades a misinterpretation during the advanced stages of the task.

Hire First Indian Detective Agency for Personal Investigation –

Our private detective service agency in Ghaziabad is utmost pursued after because we implement professionalism with an elusive touch of humanity. No trouble how big or small the customer is, how complex or simple the case is, our investigation services continue to be impartial and exclusive. Our services linked to the individual investigation, corporate investigation, cybercrime investigation and forensic services have been commended for the reason that, we at First Indian Detective Agency function with highest honesty and competence.

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