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First Detective Agency- Gujarat

Gujarat is a state situated in the West of India. It shares its border with Rajasthan, Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Maharashtra. Gujrat is a very populated state. The capital of Gujarat is Gandhinagar and the largest city is Ahmedabad.

The First Detective agency is known in Ahmedabad for the quality of work provided. There is a number of cases that have been solved for the people of Gujarat. Our Agency in Ahmedabad has a range of specialist skills and intelligence skills. The people of Gujarat is mostly involved in Business so it is obvious of having all kinds of business like Marriage Bureau, Placement Consultancies, Mobile Phone Shops, Beauty Salons, Wine Shops, Recovery Agencies, Advocates and also fake detectives. In such case, clients should be clever and should know who to choose for their cases as it might be a problem for the client as the same information might be used by someone for negative cause.

Our team is scattered at every nook and corner of Ahmedabad and our services catered even for complex cases. Our team is divided according to the depth of the cases. The types of cases we deal with areas:

  1. Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigation
  2. Loyalty Test Investigations
  3. Surveillance Investigation
  4. Corporate Investigation
  5. Skip tracing / Missing People
  6. Financial fraud investigation
  7. Pre / Post Corporate Loan Verification
  8. Labour Cases Detective
  9. Adultery and Infidelity investigation
  10. Criminal verification
  11. Employment verification
  12. Civil litigation check
  13. Credit risk check
  14. Country-specific data check
  15. Compliance check

What we investigate ?