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First Detective Agency – Pune

Pune is a state that is in Maharashtra. After Maharashtra, the second largest state in India in Pune. Pune was previously called as Poonah. It is to be accepted the more big and busy the cities are the crime rate starts increasing. We already have a team in Mumbai but for the increasing demand have rooted our self in Pune. Our team offers services in Pune with the best, honest, and cost-effectively.  We have the most experienced team with us. For the people who want to avoid meetings, we offer our services through phone calls and e-mails.

For the people in Pune who are victimized by conning, dishonesty, unethical practices, we offer our services so that they do not get victimized further in the hands of the cons. Our services are fully proved and authentic. Clients can totally rely on us. We are available for you 24*7 with expert counselors who look out for solutions for you.

When you doubt your spouse having an affair studying at his/her indifferent behavior or if you are going to choose an arranged marriage and person who you want to be with is a stranger, we are there to clear your doubts. Our meetings and the investigation is we carry is totally confidential.

For the corporate cases, if you have any doubt in your employee you have hired and want to know the background and his intention of joining your company, we are there to unveil his intentions. We can also carry investigations on your foe company and can bring you their achievements, their strategies, new projects. We help to find absconded or missing people.

FDA has been the top ranked detective agency and we look forward to serve you more. For any kind of cases or queries our counsellors are available for you in Noida. We commit you to keep the information discreet and bring out the best and

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