Frequently Asked Questions About Personal and Corporate Investigation

What are the types of cases does your organisation take?

We deal with all kind of cases which are related to personal and corporate issues. Personal includes pre and post matrimonial cases, domestic violence investigation, adultery, extramarital affair, addictions and corporate issues are related with commercial activities like financial fraud, violations of company norms, Stealing company assets etc.

Do you take cases from all the states of India?

Yes, we accept cases from all the pasts of India. We have branches in different parts.

How confidential is the Investigation?

We always keep our work confidential. We respect client’s privacy and our cases are only disclosed to the assigned chief of the particular case. The reports will only be disclosed to the person you assign us to.

Do you have any authentication of your on your report?

The investigators assigned by us brings you full proved and verified reports. We never handover reports which are not 100% authentic. We also provide with video and audio clips if required.

How much time do you need in each case?

It depends on the complexity of the case. Some cases get solved in a few days, some might take a week and some might even take a month.

How much does it cost for a case?

It depends on the case and then the costings are decided. To know the costings for the cases, it should be first transmitted to us and then the budget is decided.

Whom did you work with till now?

The kind of job we do does not allow us to share the internal details as it might create problems.

What kind of description or information is needed for an investigation?

We will need all the information on the suspect starting from the physical appearance to the suspect’s living address.  Photograph, contact details, information on social media accounts will also be needed.

How do I pay?

Payment can be done both in the offline and the online mode.  You can pay us through Cheque/ Draft or Cash. It can also be paid by through Debit card/Credit Card or Net Banking.

How will I get my report?

The reports will be given in the E-Mail, Facsimile and in case it is multimedia clip it can be delivered in C.Ds.

Can meetings be avoided if someone wants to keep the identity secret? Yes meetings can be avoided, we  can listen to your cases over a phone call and in emails

What we investigate ?