How do we operate - First Detective agency

With the daily hustle of emerging corporates, business groups, industries in the market, the engagement in the policy violation, extortion, counterfeiting corruption, has increased. Our team is a private detective agency in Delhi as well as in the other parts of India which offers help in digging out the truth and reality of a subject. Our team is efficiently working for many big MNCs private corporate investigation. We resolve the queries of an organization both externally and internally. When you choose us we give you the assurance of saving your organization from losses. Hooking up with us will give you a secure and a safe place to be.

Personal Investigation Services by FDA:

Cases involving extramarital affair, divorce cases, disloyalty, or other personal investigation, are mostly addressed by the First Detective Agency. Depth scrutiny and investigation are the main tools that FDA uses to resolve the cases. We offer you the best investigation report right from the forensic analysis to video monitoring with our upgraded equipment for the best results. The team of the investigators is always well equipped. They are a force of well educated, experienced and highly efficient workers who bring you the raw footage of the investigation. With us, you can resolve all the cases noted below –

Financial Fraud–

  • Investigation on the Insurance Claims
  • Misapplication of company assets
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Stealing of goods and materials
  • Forged Manufacturing
  • Counterfeiting of trademarks
  • Investigation on someone’s social status
  • Inquiries related to sale and purchase
  • The loyalty of co-workers, associates, and directors.

Any issues regarding theft, financial losses, and others, FDA will serve its best for clients which might include all types of investigation. We offer services in Delhi NCR and in the other parts of India. We also work for the cases like shadowing, kidnapping, Missing person’s cases, Pre and post Matrimonial Investigation, Divorce cases, Adultery, Anonymous letters and blackmailing, property related issues, fingerprints, and forged documents.

What we investigate ?