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Marriage is a beautiful bond and a lifetime decision which can never be overlooked. So it is very important for both the sides to know the reality or the background of the family or the spouse they are getting bonded with.  The Pre and Post Marital Investigation help parents, relatives and companions to get the full proved information on the boy, girl or the family. This investigation helps to get the best marriage decision. First detective agency located in the Delhi NCR digs out the truth anonymously. Investigators provide the reports or proof both written and verbally. Audio/ Video clips are also given if the customers require it. This matrimonial detective in Delhi works for the betterment of the society. It aims to help to save a post married life or getting in the hands of a wrong person. The matrimonial detective agency will cover the fields like:

  1. Pre-Matrimonial Investigation
  2. Post –Matrimonial Investigation
  3. Divorce Case Investigation
  4. Child Custody matters
  5. Domestic Violence Investigation.

Pre- Matrimonial Investigation:

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Marriage is not just a relationship but a bond that should be pure. It is very important for a person to have the right information about the partner. A Pre matrimonial investigation will clear the doubts and give a clear picture on the background details on the would-be partner. The information provided will be truly authentic and verified. We are one of the most reputed matrimonial detective agencies of Delhi and all over India and we care for the customer’s satisfaction. Marriage is a very big decision and one can only be happy in a marriage if they get a good partner. A partner can make your life beautiful and can also destroy the peace in your life. Pre Matrimonial investigations delhi help the clients to choose a better partner for life. With the Pre-Matrimonial services one can know about one’s life partner’s Job or Business Reputation, Temperament, Character, previous marriage(if any), daily routine activities, relationships, criminal record, drug/ alcohol Abuses and general habits.

Post- Matrimonial Investigation:

Post Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi

The Services for Post-Matrimonial Investigation in Delhi are for the clients who face problems after marriage. Changes in the behavior of your life partner or having an indifferent temperament towards you can be possible if your partner is no more loyal towards you. To know the secret behind the abnormal behavior, the post matrimonial investigation is always required. First Detective Agency is the right place where customers can get their cases solved with op most security. This Private detective agency in Delhi is known for the proficiency in the investigation. We help you to make the best choice when it comes to the decisions related to your life. Our investigators bring you only the verified reports and it is kept 100% confidential. If in case your spouse is cheating the symptoms that you will notice in the behavioral change in the style during Sexual Habits, Secret phone calls, long unusual conversations, regular working habits, the sudden need of privacy, complaining about space.

Divorce Case Investigation:

Divorce Case Investigation:

First Detective Agency is expertise in handling the divorce cases because divorce is a very sensitive phase and we care for the clients and help them to take the right decision. For the investigation of the divorce cases investigation, we have a special force of investigators who masters in collecting the income proof, adultery, audio/video clips etc. Especially when it is a case of child custody, our team works very hard to make the case strong. The background is checked in the investigation process and a strict eye is kept on the suspect. The information gathered is verified and then only it is delivered to the clients.

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