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FDA Service for the Non-Resident Indian

The First Detective Agency though based in the capital city of India, it has branches nationwide in every nook and corner of the country. Though based in Delhi, we like to offer our services religiously to the people living in the Abroad that is the Non-Resident Indian. Long distance in any kind of relationship or be it work brings complication and it is not easy for people to settle down in a new place. Working in a new environment, connecting to new people, adapting new habit and still remaining focussed in the work is just not easy. Not only the geographical distance that arises at this time, there is obviousness to arise in trust and credibility issues.

First Detective Agency understands the roots of these causes and also helps to solve out issues that arises in a relationship of the people living far. It is understood that there are piles of responsibility in you and you go through emotional trauma. People expect financial help from you, the near ones expect immigration to the places near you. The expectations, however, get higher from the people you love. While expectations will also lead to resentment if you fail to fulfil them in case. While the gap keeps on increasing one starts behaving in the ways you never expect them to and you start suspecting on your dear ones.

First Detective agency is a private detective agency who does not work like the open detective cases of the government. It keeps client’s cases confidential and only delivers the authentic results. First Detective agency deals with the cases given below even for the people living in far-off places outside India.

  • Pre Matrimonial Cases
  • Post Matrimonial Cases
  • Court cases related to financial disputes , marriage, disputes, commercial issues ,cheating etc
  • Absconding person
  • Violation of Agreement

Commercial due diligence of profitability of business partnership.
FDA is always ready to give free counselling on the cases. Get in contact with us and resolve your issues.

What we investigate ?