Personal investigation agency in India | personal detectives in Delhi | Private Detective agency in delhi

The First detective Agency hires private detectives which are highly trained and licensed professional for the personal investigation agency India. The work or the report of the investigation is highly confidential and is only shared with the authorized person. The personnel investigation is usually done for individual satisfaction. People with suspicions in their personal life can eliminate or get a clear picture on the doubt with the personal investigation. The personal Investigation will cover the aspects as such:

  1. Pre-Matrimonial Investigation cases
  2. Post Matrimonial Investigation cases
  3. Adultery
  4. Fake court cases
  5. Child Custody
  6. Dowry and Divorce case
  7. PIO/NRI Marriages and problems
  8. Income Verification
  9. Addiction or Other Ill habits verification
  10. Tracing services of an absconded Person.

Our team members are experienced and well equipped with the advancement of the technology. We have the best and upgraded equipment like the GPS Vehicles, Cyber Software, sting operation devices. We always stay intact as per the commitment to the clients and we try to complete the tasks within the stipulated time. Our clients are mostly from Delhi NCR and other metro cities and we value their time.

What we investigate ?