Corporate detective agency in Delhi, pre-post corporate loan verification

Are you stuck while verifying your corporate loans?? Ask FDA

We are in a world where emotions are bought with money, which means the place we live in costing us high with this the consumerism and the expenditure is getting increased day by day. For a vast majority, things are getting out of control. Sudden requirements offset the budget of families and corporate. In exigencies loans is a facility availed by most, few of those loans turn headaches for everyone.

Today companies work hard to get into good books of banks and financial institutions for working capital, large loans for expansion or diversification of their businesses into new areas, etc. Directors have all the easily available information about loan eligibility. They know how to avoid loan payment and on which legally acceptable pretext. They also have ample knowledge of how to hide existing debt or at least make it technically correct for applying for fresh loans from banks. Employees of some banks and financial institutions also help such companies for meeting their own loan disbursal targets. Some actively assist the companies to alter books for showing improved profitability or increase the value of company’s asset.

Authentic Corporate Loan Verification Service

We have a team which has their experts hands-on providing corporate loan verification service which actually gives you all the information of a venture or asset. We also offer post loan services like unearthing hidden illegal assets or diversion of funds all over India.
FIDA’s Pre Loan Sanction Verification services are for financial lenders to authenticate the financial strength of their customers. We offer the variety of solutions like:

  • Home Loan Verification
  • Auto Loan Verification
  • Business Loan Verification
  • Education Loan
  • Personal Loan
FIDA Post Loan Investigation Services

Each company strives for financial inclusion with good, bad or poor financial calculations. Before lending, it is very important to have a pre-investigation on the client as the recovery of wrong personal loans can be terribly wrong and messy.  We dig out all the information regarding funds, a creation of hidden assets as it could be difficult for the untrained team to uncover the facts.

What we investigate ?