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Detective agency in Gurgaon, Haryana and Delhi NCR

Gurgaon is now renamed as Gurugram known as to be the financial hub of Haryana. It is commonly known as the Millennium City.  Due to its enormous growth in past three decades, it is touted as the best city to live and work in India. With the advent of Maruti Suzuki, project and subsequent establishment of industrial areas city got an industrial outlook to this otherwise agricultural city. Various outsized real estate projects were initiated by HUDA and DLF. Manesar, Dharuheda, etc. also contributed to the industrialization of Gurgaon.

Now it has almost all big colonizers competing with each other due to which the city suffered from construction and industrial backlash. It is sandwiched in the rural and modern lifestyle which causes recurrent friction. This is a place of fast growing business, big organization, the hub for illegal money and what not which is actually affecting the social scenario of India. Financial fraud cases, burglary, and theft have become quite common headlines in the newspapers.

Private Detective agency in Gurgaon

We have brought a revolution with our services Gurgaon and Haryana, with our magnificent services of professional private investigation services.   Our roots have a strong hold on Gurgaon and  not only in Gurgaon, it is in all over India. Our spy agents and detectives re well experienced about the city and knows the difficulties which might arise in the work.  Our investigation agents are highly skilled to excavate information that is hidden or withheld with ulterior motives in personal and corporate cases.

Personal Investigation Cases in Gurgaon –

Personal investigation cases in Gurgaon involve individual or family matters.

The family related cases which we mostly deal with are pre-matrimonial, post-matrimonial, property disputes, tracing missing persons, adultery, and court cases related to dowry, child custody, maintenance, divorce, etc. We also do criminal association checks on the subjects and provide you with proofs like documents, audio/video files, and photographs.

In matrimonial investigation matters our private detective agency in Gurgaon will provide you with complete information of partner. In case of the pre-matrimonial investigation, the information generally involves the family background check, family reputation, financial position of family, education and work verification, previous and present affairs, broken marriages, bad habits, addictions, asset verifications, etc.

Corporate Investigation cases in Gurgaon, Haryana

FDA has its expertise in all the fields, starting from the personal investigation, corporate investigation, and other business-related issues. You should hire us if you are facing scam or financial fraud or you are facing losses in your company. Our experts are well equipped and trained and bring you all the raw results in all the issues you have.

At times, fraud companies’ runs add to show interest in tie-ups with existing companies; it is the most common type of fraud affair cases seen in NCR region. These concerns are bogus or are just on papers. With our professional investigation and research team, you can stay more vigilant and ahead of your competitors. Our expert PI will see every matter through and advice you with the real ground position.

Employment Verification Services –

Gurgaon attracts the large pool of talent from Delhi and other states.

Companies which are major in Gurgaon are as American Express, TCS, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Bank of America and The Coca-Cola Company. Hence, we offer pre-employment verification services sought after corporate sector. You will get complete reports verified on education and previous employment history of a candidate.

Matrimonial Investigation Services –

With vast population settled from every corner of India, starting a love affair becomes a risky plunge in Gurgaon. People often reach our office for background verification of prospective groom-to-be or bride-to-be before getting married. Our detectives work meticulously on every subject to provide you the detailed report on pre-marital investigations of the prospective spouse. People settle in Gurgaon near to their employment places by purchasing properties. Our detective agency in Gurgaon will verify their assets, education, family background, bad habits, addictions, friend circles, etc. Your chances to get mislead about their income, properties, office reputation and character of a person becomes negligible.

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Our Private Detective Agency in Gurgaon NCR, Haryana is well equipped all matters related to the private or corporate investigation. Please feel free to contact for FDA by either calling us or emailing us your query.

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