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First Detective Agency in Noida

The world is now filled with dishonest, frauds and cons who want to push their own people back intentionally and achieve their goal. Sometimes there are also cases where of disloyalty with the partner. In such cases when someone is not sure about the fact and notices changes in the behavior of the partner is it in a relationship or business, Private Detective agency in Noida – FDA offers services to get the facts right. We help you to get the clear picture of the reality. We have our branches in all the parts of India and we are known globally.

Private detective agency in noida

Why us?

We are the oldest in this industry and if you want to know about the person you are doing business with. We investigate and make your doubts clear.

In the case of court cases like child custody, we understand the depth of the case and collect evidence which makes the case stronger in the eyes of law.

When you feel that your spouse or the person you love is cheating on you, we have the best pre and post matrimonial investigation team.

If you see something unusual in an employee you have hired and want to know the background or intention of the person, FDA services investigate and brings you authentic information of the same.

If your daughter is married to someone and you feel from her behavior that she might be a victim of domestic violence or other issues, you can contact us for the best results. For the services and the commitments we fulfill, it makes the best Private detective agency in Noida.

How is the Job Done?

In every situation, we have a different approach to solve the problem. The teams are assigned as per the gravity of the case. The first step is the surveillance and we have to cross check all the information we provided with the suspect. Then there will be a planned investigation execution. The work we handover is dependable and reliable which is a complete elaborated report along with raw footages of our findings.

What we investigate ?