Detective agency in Delhi for Skiptracing and missing people in India<

If in case there is someone in the company who is missing or is ignoring the company’s notice, there might be possibilities of the person engaged in fraud. It becomes impossible to track the person due to the unavailability of the details of the employee. First Detective Agency has the finest team who can dig out the person from anywhere he is. We are well known for the timely delivery of the report and have a good reputation in skip tracing all over India. Our investigation is done with some procedures and it includes:

  • Tracing Call Records, Bill Payment of the missing person.
  • Checking the transactions done in the missing days like the debit card payment, credit card payment or net banking.
  • Tracing his activities on social media, chatting history, exchange of emails etc.
  • Verification of the assets like the credit card transaction, online statement, contacts, memo, diaries etc.

What we investigate ?