Private Detectives In Delhi

Specaility of First Detective Agency In Delhi ?

First Detective Agency is a professionally managed and provides affordable¬†private detectives in Delhi in the field of investigation and is well entrenched in the arena, providing desired quality service-which may safely term to be the ‘Best’. The company is one of the leading detective agency in Delhi and India and primarily commands expertise in a multi-pronged investigation with over a decade of experience in successfully handling varied, complex and at many times obnoxious assignments. We offer corporate investigation services, Property Investigation Services, Detective Services, Matrimonial Investigation Services, Litigation Support Services, Fraud Investigation Services, Kidnapping Investigations, Theft and Pilferage Investigations etc.

We are a ‘One Stop Shop’ in the sphere of investigation/verification – be it a private / individual or corporate related investigation and issues. We are providing employment verification, pre-employment verification, post-employment verification, and employment verification services.

We are assisted by modern technology consisting of GPS tracking system, hidden powerful cameras for sting operations, cyber software etc this not only gives an edge over other companies but also helps to solve complex cases in India and across Globe.

As a renowned and best detective agency in Delhi, we are provided with state of the art surveillance equipment and bring a creative approach to each surveillance assignment. Mobile surveillance, static surveillance, video-graphic solutions, still photography, interviewing techniques, inquiries, statement, talking, court testimony etc, are diverse methods used by our private detectives in Delhi. We help to uncover illegal activities that may be going. We would also carry out a discreet in-depth investigation to determine the details of individuals when suspects are not known. In addition, we charge a highly reasonable fee for the same. Regarding our spy gadgets, we have spy cameras such as pen camera, watch camera, etc. We even have microphones, GPS tracker, and even mobile signal jammers.

Service Offered By Private Detectives In Delhi-

  • Corporate Intelligence – Service provided to corporate clients, aka corporate investigation
  • Under-cover agents – installing decoys and agents to gather information
  • Surveillance – shadowing a person for information and evidence
  • Labour case and trade union activities – know what they are up to
  • Pilferage & Theft – complete investigation
  • Investigation of Bank Frauds.
  • Pre and post Matrimonial investigation – know true self of a person
  • Divorce case Investigation – evidence building
  • Missing Persons – tracking and tracing
  • Trademark/Patent Infringement – who is copying your product and where
  • Intellectual Property investigations
  • Assets verifications – know the exact status of a person or company
  • Handwriting verifications (Forensic)
  • We liaison with police/Law enforcing agencies

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