Surveillance Investigation Services in Noida, Gurgaon Delhi NCR India

Surveillance Investigation: Surveillance Investigation is just like shadowing the suspect and is one of the oldest methods. Our private detective agency in Delhi and other places in India work for different cases through this method. The cases could be fraud cases, scams, matrimonial cases, employment verification. This is a monitoring process where every bit of the suspect’s activity is recorded. The evidence is kept confidential and it can be only accessed by the chief of the investigation process. For the critical cases and the surveillance under the lawsuit, we have the best and experienced detective for the verified and the quick results. It responsibly handovers all the confidential evidence needed maintains privacy. The surveillance team, however, uses the best techniques for the fruitful results and the includes the use of high tech camera for inspection of the daily activities, analysing the behaviour in the social gathering and personal meetings, using GPS tracker to keep an eye on the movements of the suspects, and lastly collecting all the evidences and delivering it to the clients.

Uses of the services in the personal and corporate matters

Affairs/ Adultery: With the change of time, the people in relationships mostly have to deal with partners without loyalty. It is quite common for people to have multiple phone numbers, identities or fake profile to gain emotional or financial support. The surveillance team of First Detective Agency helps to unveil the secrets of the suspects.

Employment Verification: People nowadays have the habit of backstabbing. Surveillance team is often hired to keep an eye on the employee, business partners or competitors to know the truth behind the integrity. The double timing of employees, side business or leaking of any information of the company is kept an eye on.

Missing person Investigation: The surveillance team also helps in finding an absconder, distribution of the network company. Activities of the Union Leaders, court cases, competitors etc.

What we investigate ?