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Facts That Let You Choose The Best Detective Agency In Delhi

What makes FDA the Best Detective Agency network?

Being the topmost detective agency in Delhi, we have the most sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment to prepare audio and video recordings of the activities and conversations, outside and inside a room/office/hotel. Practically, it is possible to acquire every single detail of the subject person. Absolute confidentiality, desired results and timely delivery are our strengths. We have achieved great heights by making improvised operations, to get the desired result. FDA has hired a private detective in Delhi who makes distinct strategies to achieve the attainable goal.

Our investigators are equipped with latest gadgets that help to construct evidence on the case. Our officers’ works in a team that is led and followed by experienced investigating officers. We offer accurate information that assists our clients to formulate effective solution through our wide investigation services. Being a client-centric organization and best detective agency in Delhi, FDA is involved in providing utmost quality service to customers that satisfy their entire requirements and needs.

Why FDA Is the Best Detective Agency In Delhi?

We are provided with state of the art surveillance equipment and bring a creative approach to each surveillance assignment. Mobile surveillance, static surveillance, video-graphic solutions, still photography, interviewing techniques, inquiries, statement, talking, court testimony etc, are diverse methods used by our detectives in Delhi which makes us the best detective agency in Delhi. We help to uncover illegal activities that may be going. We would also carry out a discreet in-depth investigation to determine the details of individuals when suspects are not known. In addition, we charge the highly reasonable fee for the same. Regarding our spy gadgets, we have spy cameras such as pen camera, watch camera, etc, We even have microphones, GPS tracker, and even mobile signal jammers.

  • FDA agents ensure their client that the investigation is 100% confidential and there will be no leaked records or facts and hence they do not inquire with friends and close relatives as they often disclose the information to the subject.
  • They have a team of extremely effectual investigators, detectives, IT experts that strive to handover quality results about the loyalty of your partner. FDA agents keep the investigation case confidential and do not conduct open investigations like government agencies
  • Being one of the best detective Services in Delhi, our team of skilled detectives and investigators has the appropriate expertise in unraveling all kinds of criminal cases.
  • FDA has an extremely strong commitment to confidentiality and discretion. We respect your needs for privacy and treat all over interactions with you in a highly confidential manner.
  • We primarily command expertise in a multi-pronged investigation with over years of experience in successfully handling varied and complex assignments. Spy/Investigators provide intelligence reports and information gathering by placing someone under surveillance based on their daily movements.

Our Services & Motto

Our detectives conduct interviews, examine records and keep an eye on the activities of the suspect, and participate in raids on criminal locations and their arrests. They generally specialize in one type of field, for example, homicide, fraud, intellectual theft etc. They are assigned cases on a rotational basis and work on them until the case is dropped or a verdict is announced. The connect clues to unravel facts about legal, financial or personal matters.

best Detective Agency in Delhi

Best Detective Agency In Delhi – First Detective Agency

What is the specialty of First Detective Agency?

First Detective Agency is one of the most trustworthy private Detective Agency in Delhi engaged in offering the most reliable investigation services such as surveillance services, Pre-Matrimonial Investigation services, Post-Matrimonial Investigation Services and many more. We are the best Detective Agency in Delhi that helps crack even the most complex cases different geographies within the given period of time. All investigations and inquiries are conducted with utmost discretion and confidentiality to provide the client complete anonymity without alerting the subject.

We have the comprehensive infrastructure to investigate disputed document problems like Forgeries, Anonymous Letters, Handwritings, Alterations, Erasures, Interpolations Typed Matter, Age of Ink, Fingerprints, Bank Fraud cases etc. We have an excellent laboratory with all the infrastructure to investigate the above. First Detective Agency has on Its roll a team, of highly experienced, dedicated and qualified personnel drawn from various Intelligence law enforcement agencies, and forensic school graduates. Whether it be compiling background checks of an individual, locating a missing person, infidelity or an in-depth asset investigation, the outcome report will reflect the high level of professionalism our clients expect from us, regardless of the geographical locations.

Leveraging on our skilled and experienced professionals, We have carved a niche for ourselves in this domain. They are well aware of the norms and guidelines are given by the government. We offer these services as per the requirements and specifications provided by our respected clients.

Why FDA is the best Detective Agency in Delhi ?

Being the best Detective Agency in Delhi, our services are availed by corporate sectors and individuals. Moreover, an international quality standard is maintained, while rendering these services to the clients

We are engaged in offering reliable corporate and personal Investigation Services to our valuable clients. The range offered by us includes

  • Corporate Investigations Services
  • Pre Employment Verification Services
  • Post Employment Verification Services
  • Anti Management Investigation Services
  • Thefts And Pilferage Services
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Trademark Investigation Services
  • Copyright Investigations Services
  • Patent Investigations Services
  • Assets Investigations Services

We endow our clients with comprehensive Detective services helping them solve all issues pertaining to secrecy required by most organizations in any adverse environment. Our diligent teams of professionals have gained expertise in taking up an assignment that needs immediate attention for varied needs of clients. Our skillful team of private detectives and undercover agents work in extremely professional and confidential manner to get the results in a high proficiency. We do not reveal the identity of our clients as we understand the importance of their secrecy and privacy. Rather, we solve all queries in a concise and transparent manner.

First Detective Agency Services in India – Personal Investigation / Pre and Post Matrimonial Services

First detective agency is renowned to be the best detective agency in India. We are committed to provide excellent security and investigation services to our esteemed customers. Our entire services are executed and implemented as per the specific requirements of our clients. Being the first Detective Agency in India our services are highly demanded in the market because of their durability and effective results. We provide complete solution for our customer’s problems through our services.

First detective agency is the leading detective agency in Delhi and has a team of experienced investigators who are in the field of investigation since last couple of years. We have achieved great heights by making improvised operations, to get the desired result. Our team of officers makes distinct strategies to achieve the attainable goal. Our investigators are equipped with latest gadgets that help to construct evidence on case. Our officers’ works in a team that is led and followed by experienced investigating officers. We offer accurate information that assists our clients to formulate effective solution through our wide investigation services. Being a client-centric organization, FDA is involved in providing utmost quality service to customers that satisfy their entire requirements and needs.

We offer variety of services such as-

  • Personal investigation services
  • Cyber investigation services
  • Undercover operation services
  • Video/Voice recording services
  • Surveillance system
  • Corporate intelligence services
  • Fingerprint recognition services
  • Forensic technology services
  • Pre and post matrimonial inquiry services

Pre and post matrimonial Services

Specialty of FDA agents:

  • The surveillance team of First Detective agency helps to unveil vandalism, fraud investigation, cheating spouse investigation etc. The evidence is kept confidential and they use advanced security cameras and GPS tracker to scrutinize the daily activities and behavior of the criminal in order to craft documents or whereabouts of the illicit.
  • The agents are familiar with modern skip tracing techniques and are able to trace even elusive subjects. Their investigation techniques include tracing call records, tracing activities on social media and emails, verification of credit card transactions, contacts ad diaries etc.
  • FDA agents are exceptionally trained and use well equipped devices to record every minute details. They create a quality report and deals with Legal Source Tax Crimes, Illegal Source Financial Crimes and many more.
  • FDA agents provide services of forensic analysis and assist you to come out of wrong relationship by unveiling facts about loyalty of your partner. They have professionally trained counseling team who will keep your case confidential thereby providing you accurate guidance and assistance.


We as private first detective agency in India helps individuals and corporate with proper inputs, evidences and facts to take an informed decision to counter any future problem. We can assist individuals with adapting up to any discriminating circumstance effortlessly. Our services are executed in a committed time frame. Best and efficient team members are engaged in our all services. Our entire services are executed and implemented as per the specific requirements of our clients.

Grounds on which you should hire private detective agency in Delhi

FDA is one of the best private detective agency in Delhi comprising a team of investigators having great experience in multi-level investigations. It is main mission is to cater reliable and dependable information to the client for right and effective decision making. FDA aim is to meet all the needs of the client effectively to satisfy them at reasonable charges and within the agreed time. It either finds proof or wrongdoing or makes the situation right again.

Detcetive agency in Delhi

While before starting any investigations, FDA focuses the need of the customers and then delivering high-quality customized solutions within the quickest time while maintaining complete confidentiality. FDA detective agency offers a wide range of comprehensive tailor-made private investigation services for its clients. These services include location and address of a person, personal, corporate and litigation support investigative and services. It gives assurance of absolute confidentiality, complete reliability and sensitive handling of cases.

In today’s life, many online marriages are having the problem due to their life partner behavior, and their problems are continuously raising the instance of frauds, suicides, dowry cases have altered this holy knot concept of marriage into a relationship that commences with eons of doubts and uncertainties. People are relying on and ads in the newspaper and thereby getting irrelevant and incompatible proposals. Getting into a bad marriage not only shatters the dream one had but also leaves behind a long, lonely and painful life to live. Marriage used to be a bond but nowadays there is no bond, and life is overpowered by materialistic factors. Peoples are not able to trust on their closest relations. The problem begins when either of the two- bride or groom, starts suspecting the other of infidelity. In such scenarios, it is better to come out of such fraud relationships and live a better life. you need to have better and reliable support and this is when you need a private detective agency in Delhi.  

One of the best detective agency in Delhi among all is FDA. FDA Detective is a world-renowned set-up. Disloyalty in marriages is arising due to the extramarital affair of the life partner and they are cheating with the partner. The prospect of wife and husband is being unfaithful and also it is becoming so painful and extremely disruptive to one’s life. So, to solve the matrimonial issues and other life-related issues you can hire best private detective agency in Delhi which provides services at a cheap rate and provide full satisfaction to their customers. So, hire FDA and solve your problems.

Detective agency in Delhi by skilled professionals

In India crime is increasing day by day and people are facing a lot of problem in their life. FDA is private investigators on which you can trust. It consists of a team of highly proficient and experienced agents having experience in different fields of investigation through which the problems are nothing in their clients’ lives.

 Private Investigation Company is also engaged in a variety of work and gives their best to solve the problem of their clients. Private detectives are basically involved in investigating the criminal cases and matrimonial cases and also try to do the multilevel investigation.

Detective agency in Delhi

FDA is one of the most popular detective agency in Delhi which includes that best services of investigating and getting the solution in easy and best way so that their client prefer FDA for their investigation and to solve the problem. FDA perform their best investigations services to increase the visibility of their customer’s problem.

One of the best detective agency is FDA (first detective agency in Delhi)FDA  Agency is a professional, fully licensed fully insured private detective agency offering a variety of services nationwide to individuals and companies looking to retain a private investigator at an affordable rate. As a private detective agency in Delhi, FDA is dedicated to provide the highest level of investigation services and maintain their highest level of investigations and maintain the relationship of the investigation.  In business, FDA has established a reputation for professionalism and excellence among our clients. Do you feel a need to get these problems resolved so you can get on with your life and move forward? If you answered yes, we can help! Remember, nothing happens until you decide to take action.

Most reputed and reliable Private Detective agency in Delhi

Private detective agency in Delhi or private investigators is involved in a variety of work not often associated with the industry in the mind of the public. Many agencies specialize in a particular field of expertise. A handful of firms specialize in technical surveillance countermeasures, sometimes called electronic countermeasures, which is locating and dealing with the unwanted form of electronic surveillance.


Private Detective agency in Delhi

There are a few best detective agency in Delhi NCR which helps the public to get their rights and it also helps those people who get cheated by their couple. The most important part of a person’s life is his/her family. Any disturbance in it would have a devastating effect on all members. Utmost priority should be given before going into a marriage as it has the capacity to make or break an individual and his/her family. Therefore, for our peace of mind and getting our doubts evicted from the bars of the minds we can hire Matrimonial detective agency which can also be a Private detective agency in Delhi for investigations related to matrimony. There are different agencies located in different places of Delhi like – detective agency in Gurgaon, the detective agency in Noida, the detective agency in South Delhi.


Detective agency in Delhi

Provides best detective service in Delhi

Among all these regions there is one of the best and cheap detective agency in Delhi named FDA (first detective agency in Delhi). This is very popular among all the detective agencies and provides the best services at the cheap rate that people can normally afford and also gives them excellent results of their investigation which satisfies the clients and gives them the confidence to fight for their rights.

Who is a best personal detective?

FDA offers services as surveillance and shadowing that is unmatched with the audio and visual proofs provided with the reports. It also extends its services in personnel, corporate, adultery, financial matters and guides its business with RESPECT, FAIRNESS, AND INTEGRITY. FDA respects individual talent and does teamwork that galvanizes its success.  Hire FDA and get your life sorted from all of the doubts and suspicions in mind. There is nothing wrong with having complete peace of your mind. Transparency in personal and professional life is a basic thing. If an investigation can give you this, go for it.

Most Trustable Private Detective agency in Delhi

In Delhi crime was increasing day by day and it was difficult for the police to handle the case. A nexus between the Police, criminal and politicians was clearly established. Among all these regions there is one of the best and private detective agency in Delhi named FDA This nexus was very effective in 1984 violence against the Sikhs. During the anti-Sikh violence after the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the Sikh taxi and bus drivers became easy targets. Now taxi and bus services in Delhi are controlled by same politicians and criminals were hired as drivers. We are here to take care of all your security services need.

This is how they began to control the streets of Delhi. The nexus between the outer Delhi politicians, bus service operators, bus drivers, taxi drivers and their connections to crime in Delhi needs to be investigated. Equally important is how to isolate Delhi Police from the influence of corrupt and criminally minded politicians and local criminals from the rural area of Delhi. But One of the most private detective agency in Delhi is First Indian detective agency is a professional and fully licensed.

 Private detective agency in delhi

Why choose us?

There is a small security force in Delhi established in under the assistant of British Resident to the Mughal Imperial Courts. Delhi Police is having the most advanced administrative system in India. But instead of this Delhi police is unable to control the increasing crime in Delhi and now a Days Delhi is becoming unsafe for people. So, to control the crime of Delhi there has been started some detective agency in Delhi.

About Information for First detective agency

One of the best detective agency in Delhi among all is FDA (First detective agency). FDA Detective is a world-renowned set-up. The name you can trust. Its specialization lies in client’s satisfaction. FDA consists of a team of highly experienced and professional investigators expertise in different fields. FDA is having expert detectives who can do a confidential investigation, verification, and inquiries for personal and business services. FDA provides best solutions to their clients as soon as possible and it has honesty and also at the cost which can be affordable for the customers. FDA gained an expertise in offering a wide spectrum of services to their clients. It has been highly appreciated for the same as well.

What we investigate ?